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Professional Lawn Care Services in Forney, Texas


About Us

Welcome to Local Lawn Care of Forney:

We are a family owned lawn maintenance company located in Forney, TX. We serve multiple neighborhoods in the Forney area. We have tons of happy customers and would be honored to have you as a customer too. 

I am delighted you are considering Local Lawn Care of Forney to serve your home. First, I would like to tell you why we are different than anyone else you might consider for your lawn care maintenance needs. 

When I say your satisfaction is guaranteed I mean it. You can count on us to do what we say, and do it the right way. However, When I say your satisfaction is guaranteed, I mean you will not pay us if you are not happy with our service. Moreover, in the event that we can't correct the issue at hand, I will literally pay a competitor of your choosing to fix the problem. When I say I only want 100% satisfied clients, I mean it. 


Local Lawn Care of Forney is not your ordinary local lawn care company. We are going to show up in your property in professional uniforms. We're going to use Commercial lawn equipment. We are going to weed eat around every fence, light post, shrub, and anywhere else our mowers will not reach. Your property will be edged with a metal blade edger every service. We are going to clean up all grass clippings and blow all the concrete and hard surfaces clean. When service is finished, the crew leader is going to do a final quality control walk thru around your property and make sure your gate is locked or secured.


In addition, if we see that your dogs water bowl is low, then we are going to fill it up. If we see trash near your property, we will pick it up and throw it away. If we noticed that you left your garage door open by accident, we will call you to keep your home safe.

We're going to be consistent in our service schedule to your home. If we mow your yard on Mondays, then your yard will be mowed on Mondays every week if mother nature permits. 

If there is ever a need to change your service schedule, then you will receive a message from us. Our communication is going to be excellent. When you call us, we are going to answer the phone. We are easy to get a hold of and easy to work with. 

Many of your neighbors already use our company, and they are thrilled with the quality of our work. Maybe it is because we take pride in cutting grass. Maybe it is because we do a great job in proactively communicating with our clients. Or maybe it is because we're just nice ordinary people providing our service in a friendly manner. Whatever the reason, there is no denying our clients love us and you will love us too.

Local Lawn Care of Forney is not going anywhere. We are a reputable, reliable company that will be around to fulfill our promises to you.

Thank you!

-Oscar Gutierrez, Owner



Why you should hire Local Lawn Care of Forney?
Safe and Secure

We will always make sure to lock your gate after every service. We make sure you are protected. We are insured, licensed and well trained. 

Professional Equipment

We only use commercial equipment. We specialize in residential properties in Forney, Texas. We only use smaller lawn mowers in your property. We will never use a huge Zero turn mower on your yard and damage your lawn. In addition, we sharpen our blades twice a week and we always mow your yard in different directions to avoid creating tire tracks on your yard. 

Excellent Communication

How many times have you called your current lawn care provider and they never retuned your call. That is not the way excellent customer service works. We will answer your call or return your by by the end of business the same day you called.

Professional Appearance

We will always service your property in full uniform. You will always know when we are at your property based on our uniform colors. We also have a No Smoking policy for all of our employees. 

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